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Whole New Experience of Retail in the Future

As we are seeing big changes in consumer patterns, technology, socioeconomic environment and communication media, we were to develop a forecast model to visualize the future retail environment.

Our aim was to suggest a future retail experience concept to the client based on the research on retail trends, consumer behavior & needs along the customer journey looking 10 years ahead.

We produced analyses on macro trend research in socioeconomy and technology along with micro trends in consumer patterns, retail environment, and the industry. Visits to renowned establishments such as the MIT Media Lab, Samsung Electronics, Razorfish and others were made to gain deeper insights into future technological trends.

Additionally, ethnographic researches were conducted in the US, UK & Korea to assess pain points in retail experiences and to outline future directions.

Based on the findings from the research, we built the future models of automotive retail marketing covering retail formats and communications strategy, all based on the up-coming new digital technologies. These models were visualized in animated customer journey scenarios.