SKT 01
Digital Communication
  • SK Telecom
Campaign with cross channel communication for young consumer

SK Telecom implemented "good gift for all nationals campaign" in 5 major cities, together with online channel in May 2013 in a bid to promote their official sales outlets and keep their vanguard role in the cutthroat competition in the telecommunication market. SK telecom and we have introduced digital devices into the event sites in 5 key cities across the country and encouraged the spread of contents and participation of customers through site production and SNS channels that are connected in real time to digital devices. Social media contents were produced based on the core key words of the campaign, which is systematically managed for each SNS channel to implement communication in every direction for the multichannel communication. During the campaign period, a 24/7 monitoring system was used to proactively respond in real time to issues and improve the customer experience continuously on online channels on the basis of daily/weekly analysis. 200,000 users have logged into the campaign site over a period of a month, of which 70% participated in the campaign and contributed to its spread through SNS channels. The prevailing market leadership of SK telecom was reassured and publicity activities for ‘official sales agents’ were successfully completed.