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Digital Retail Fact Book based on Hyundai Motorstudio Digital@Coex

The business environment of motor industry is changing in leaps and bounds, pursuant to the technological advancement and new trend of consumers purchase pattern.

To cope with the new trend, Hyundai Motor Company has launched the Hyundai Motorstudio Digital shop in COEX Mall in March 2015 in a bid to provide and expand a hands-on experience of new image of their Hyundai Motor Company's brand.

Hyundai Motorstudio Digital is a Digital Show Room which makes it possible to have first-hand experience of the new brand image and vehicles concerned by way of various digital technologies such as 3D, VR and gesture recognitions.

We produced a Fact Book to support the global proliferation of Hyundai Motorstudio Digital. In the book, we defined a Hyundai digital showroom and its purposes, and laid down everything from its contents/systems to a guideline for operations and customer services manual.

Hyundai Motorstudio Digital@COEX attracted approx. 200,000 customers visit in 2015 through free consultation with would-be consumers and Digital experiences offered at the hub of flux of consumer life style, and through the events of combination including first-hand experience of their interested vehicles and smooth-flowing to test-drive, they enhanced the brand preference and consequential surge of demands.