Hyundai Motorstudio Digital_UI
Digital Communication
  • Hyundai Motor Company
Designing UX/UI to Provide Whole New Experience to Customer

Hyundai Motor Company opened Hyundai Motorstudio Digital, the world's first car showroom without a car, providing virtual experiences of cars through digital technology in the domain of user’s everyday life with personalized customer experiences. Among them, Live Theater, My Car Table, and 3D Car Wall sections provide the new ways of digital experiences in browsing car models, which takes the conventional screen based 2D digital experience to the next level in a retail space. Applying the best UX principles and practices available, we designed the customer experience journey and the interfaces that require minimal effort to learn, making the intuitive control possible. In the process, steps are identified as 'Configure- Experience-Share' in a simplified manner. Also, the visual identity was strickly followed by the existing brand guideline and was used as an identifier of the user's current location in the configure/experience/share process.