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About FRUM

FRUM is a creative consulting group that presents a new value on corporate marketing activity by providing tangible solution based on professional knowledge, innovative creativity and combination of up-to-date technology.

With the development of various technology and infrastructure, business environment is changing in a rapid pace that cannot be chased. It is getting harder to satisfy the need of the market with the current business framework such as business optimization or process innovation. A new world of Creative Economy has opened that initiates innovation based on creative imagination in all areas of the industry.

FRUM provides consulting services by discovering the client’s hidden insight based on experiences in the whole business process and a concrete solution, headed by corporate brand manager and business consultants, and professionals like creative directors, who are successful in leading a business in the various fields.

Being able to see the world with a new set of emotions and perspective awes the world. A combination on various elements based on imagination creates a new kind of value. Delivering expressions of abstract thinking and value, creating a new form that did not exist before and planning a more effective tool, making culture affluent by discovering new values, is what FRUM accomplishes.

Work with Creative Consulting Group, FRUM who actualizes creative business ideas.




  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Global Web / SNS Strategy
  • Service Innovation Strategy
  • Product Development Strategy


  • Digital Media Design
  • Digital Space Design
  • Digital Campaign Development
  • Digital Marketing Management


  • Brand Identity Development
  • PR / Marketing Collateral

FRUM labs


  • Macro / Micro Trend Research & Analysis
  • Future Market Forecasting


CEO, Myung Jin Kim

Myung Jin Kim

  • CEO
  • Mr. Kim majored Communication Design at SADI and worked as a multimedia development designer at LG Media from 1995 to 1997. From 1999 to 2010, he worked in the IT Strategy department, e-Commerce department, Global Marketing department and Global Marketing office ad Brand Strategy department of Samsung Electronics. His major activity at Samsung was establishing and creative direction of business strategy of of 63 countries. Moreover, his was the first Korean company to import Information Architecture & Web Style Guide and establish Online Brand, and he led developments of different Online Innovation Project. He also worked as vice president of VIDAK. (Visual Information Design Association Korea)
Senior Vice President, Wesley Yoon

Wesley Yoon

  • Senior Vice President / CSO
  • Mr. Yoon majored in MIS at the University of Georgia and completed his master’s degree in international commerce at Graduate School of International Studies at Sogang University. After joining Global Marketing Operations (GMO) of Samsung Electronics in 2000, he developed various global CRM marketing programs and IMC campaigns for new product launching. Also he led the global implementation and developed various online marketing programs as a corporate online strategy and KPI manager. After 10 years at GMO, he worked on GalaxyS global sales strategy and mobile service planning at Strategic Marketing Team of Samsung Mobile Division until he joined FRUM in 2011.
Vice President, Chul Min An

Chul Min An

  • Vice President
  • Mr.An majored in Interactive Media in Hanyang University and at the Graduate School level in the same institution. Since 1996, as a member of the Interactive Team of Design Focus, he planned the online marketing campaign of the companies. From 2001 he established and ran an interactive contents agency, named ibiz Group and in 2007 he worked as a consultant at IBM Korea Global Business Service. While working with the IBM, he worked as a Function Leader in the Samsung Electronics’ website for global renewal and renovation program. He also participated as a Process Leader in the development project of Samsung Electronics’ Content Management System. Moreover, he performed as a Project Manager and a Strategy Leader at Hyundai Motor, LG Electronics, Samsung Card.
Vice President, Jeff Lee

Jeff Lee

  • Vice President
  • Mr. Lee majored Advertising Creation at Hanyang University and has worked as a digital communication expert since 1999. At D.TRIBE, he led B2C digital brand campaigns for LG, Auction, and Philips, and planning for Samsung Electronics and Hankook Tire websites. At Ethan&Alice Marketing, he operated B2B IMC for LG Chem and BOSCH. At IBM, as Digital Marketing PM, he led BPO project for Amore Pacific and unified operation for 35 brand and mobile sites. He achieved branding, process optimization and cost efficiency, and received 2011 GPS ACE Award. He, as a Function Leader, worked in 2.0 project team, which was for Hyundai Motor Company's 50 global sites. At FRUM, he led strategy consulting for Estee Lauder and online communication strategic planning for Hyundai Motor Group.
Chief Consultant, HoJoong Kevin Kim

HoJoong Kevin Kim

  • Chief Consultant
  • Mr. Kim majored in Biochemistry and minored in Biology and Computer Science at Indiana University. He also completed the MBA program at Sungkyunkwan University. As an Operation Manager in IBM, he designed and operated global operation model for’s website for 63 countries. He was the manager for IBM Slovakia, China, and Brazil production centers. In 2010 he received the MBPS Account Control and Execution Award. Furthermore, he worked as a PM at the Samsung Electronics’ Web Analytic Team and A-Store Online Customer Service Team. At FRUM he was in charge of SNS Communication Campaign for Hyundai Motor. Also he was in charge of Hyundai Motor’s Digital Sales Environment Innovation project.
Chief Consultant, Jean Luc Rim

Jean Luc Rim

  • Chief Consultant
  • Mr. Rim majored in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan and completed his Master’s Program of International Trade at the Graduate School of International Studies in Sogang University. He has experiences working at Andersen Consulting and C-quad Communications. From 2005 to 2011 he worked as the Director of New business development & marketing Team at a U.S. Fashion company, WFI. At WFI he had experiences in various global brand strategies, licensing and marketing project reading, reforming brand website, and planning and reading eCommerce site, Speak Up and Step Up campaign that is a part of CSR project. Recently, as a project manager for web accessibility reform for, he successfully reformed websites for 72 countries and 32 languages.
Chief Consultant, Il Da Kim

Il Da Kim

  • Chief Consultant
  • Mr.Kim completed the Visual Communication Design Diplom program at Staatliche Hochschule fuer Gestaltung Karlsruhe (ZKM), Germany. He opened both personal and group exhibitions since 2002 in Germany and Korea. Currently he works as Photographer and Content Planner. He also completed his role as a PM and planner for Samsung website contents at international exhibitions such as ICES, CeBIT, and IFA. In 2008, he was in charge of Samsung Electronics’ Product Contents Innovation project. In 2011, as the PM for Samsung medicine Global website Renewal project, he has successfully launched Samsung Medicine’s websites for 8 different languages and 9 language websites for medical equipment department under


  • Samsung Electronics ranked 7th place in ‘Best Global Brands 2016’ by Interbrand and Samsung Electronics is the world’s biggest corporation in mobile, semiconductors, and home electronics reaching $200 trillion in profit in 2014. FRUM provided effective solution in Information Architecture, contents strategy, establishment on operation plans for Samsung Electronics' website, and continues with the partnership.

  • As one of the top 100 global brands, Hyundai Motor Company recorded 8.5% market share in world’s motor market in 2015 and ranked 5th place in global motor sales. Through projects such as digital marketing strategy consulting, future retail strategy consulting, digital business environment innovation, FRUM maintains partnership with Hyundai Motor Company and presents directions for digital marketing.

  • Kia Motors is one of Interbrand's Global Top 100 brands. Kia built the first comprehensive automotive manufacturing facility in 1973 and reached the milestone of exporting over 10 million units in 2011 earning its recognition as a global player in the industry. FRUM conducted PR & digital marketing projects based on a comprehensive brand digital communication strategy, and is accredited for its contribution to positive brand image building.

  • Hyundai Motor Group, as a large scale multinational conglomerate company, is composed of 57 affiliate companies. Hyundai Motor Company recorded sales of 8 million vehicles, reaching 230 trillion won in sales, and ranked 5th place in global motor sales. Based on FRUM's online communication model, FRUM is operating Hyundai Motor Group's online communication, establishing communication strategy and managing the blog on yearly basis.

  • Hankook Tire is the world’s 7th in the industry based on its sales. FRUM planned and established design concept strategy, website strategy, and development directions on IA, Contents, and Visual system of its global websites. As a result, there were improvements in usability and customer satisfactions. It also reached its goal of effective expression of the brand, and contributed to global competition.

  • SK Telecom is a leading corporation, based on cutting-edge technologies, which has first begun an era of first-generation analog mobile in Korea in 1984. FRUM works in continuous partnership with SK Telecom through providing solutions such as sales campaign strategy and specific action plans for Sales empowerment of the company.

  • Estee Lauder Companies is a leading company in luxurious cosmetic industry, which has been constantly growing since its founding in 1946. ELCA Korea, a subsidiary company of Estee Lauder Companies, is currently operating business activities through 11 brands in Korea. FRUM has been cooperating with Corp. Online Team of ELCA Korea to support reorganizing e-commerce websites and establish Korea Online Eco-System.

  • MBC is Korea’s representative public broadcasting that holds 17 channels and is expanding its broadcasting sphere into digital, cable and IPTV. FRUM was in charge of UX design and visual system for the IP based broadcasting service called ‘pooq’, a service that MBC is attempting for the first time in Korea. It was successfully launched and among 25 billion downloads in App Store it was ranked number one in ‘Korea’s best iPad App’

  • Hana Financial Group is one of the world’s top 100 financial groups, and composed of Hana bank and other 10 organizations. FRUM maintains a partnership with Hana Financial Group through on/offline projects in various areas. In 2012, it was evaluated that Hana Bank improved its visual identities that was successfully applied in bankbooks, brochure and signage system.

  • KB Kookmin Card is a KB Financial Group’s affiliate that creates Korea’s best brand value in the financial industry. It maintains the first place in Korea’s credit card issue rate. FRUM partnered with KB Kookmin Card on a yearly basis for establishing and executing brand strategy. FRUM is also establishing an overall brand guideline strategy in order to create new financial brand value.

  • 6 years into the Financial Industry, Hyundai Card / Hyundai Capital became the second in the industry and grew 8 times its original size in the market share. Hyundai Capital is the country’s biggest financial company holding 21 trillion in assets. Based on Hyundai Card Hyundai Capital’s distinguished brand strategy, FRUM presented a creative solution that can consistently provide new experiences to the customers at on and offline touch-points.

  • Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy is Korea’s central administrative organization that is in charge of strengthening industry competitiveness, and supporting technology development. As a part of design technology development project in the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, FRUM is in progress with design trend prediction system and service design guideline production. This is evaluated to positively influence design and related fields of industry.

  • Doosan is Korea’s oldest corporation that is over hundred years of age. It holds 45 international branches, 91 overseas firms, 3,800 dealers and 29 production factories. It also recorded over 20 trillion in profit in 2014. FRUM established the IA guidelines for Doosan Group website and 60 different company/ business department sites, and also produced a visual guideline supporting a successful renewal of

  • Samsung Medison is a specialized company on medical equipment that developed the world’s first 3D ultrasound device and distributed to 100 different countries around the worlds. The company was acquired in 2010 by Samsung Electronics, and now became one of Samsung affiliates. FRUM planned and produced product contents in 8 languages for Samsung Medison’s website and was in charge of creating contents for medical equipment business department and expansion of websites in 9 languages.

  • LG Household & Health Care is Korea’s leading company in lifestyle and culture with business in cosmetics, household goods and food products. Its cosmetics business particularly is expanding its business beyond Korea and into global markets with unmatched competitiveness. FRUM planned and created the UI design and product contents to ensure efficient operation of the global e-commerce sites. The partnership is still ongoing.

  • Hanssem is a total home interior company which leads the change of residential environment and provides the furniture, fixtures, accessories, fabrics, etc. in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, bathroom and other spaces of households. Frum is responsible for managing Lifelogger which is the blogger group of Hanssem, planning events and managing contents for Hanssem.


  • Ernst & Young is a global leader in the accounting∙consulting field, where 167,000 specialists in audits, tax affairs, advisory services in 140 countries around the world are active. Partnered with Ernst &Young, FRUM provides Total Solutions for marketing strategy consulting in industries such as motors, cosmetics, etc.

  • Accenture is a globally leading management consulting firm with branches in 120 countries and 293,000 experts in management consulting, data analysis, and IT service. FRUM and Accenture have been collaborating in projects requiring brand strategy and service design for global automobile companies through their partnership.

  • IBM, a leading company in the field of world marketing management and customer analysis solution, has partnered with FRUM’s creative consulting and is creating great solutions with its insight in reading the market. Together as consulting partners we are proceeding with various projects for global companies such as Samsung Electronics’ Product Contents Innovation project and Hyundai Motor’s Digital Marketing Strategy.

  • AbilityNet is an outstanding agency for consultation on corporate web accessibility, online education of internet and mobile device uses, and supply and evaluation of support equipment. It successfully completed accessibility projects for global companies such as BBC and Barclay. FRUM as the leading consulting company on web accessibility in Korea is AbilityNet's exclusive partner of accessibility projects in Korean market and collaborated with AbilityNet to improve web accessibility for

  • GfK Group is one of the biggest agencies for the largest market research in the world that aims to supply all the information needed in a market. GfK Group, 11,000 executives and employees in 115 branch offices in 100 countries, delivers information on the market and the industry needed in the decision-making process for the client company. With GfK Group, FRUM is eliciting effective strategies by understanding current and future trends and demands of the industries such as motors, tires, etc.